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Personalized Care Consulting

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From our nurses' network to our digital team ...

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We are committed to deliver innovative solutions for patients' care...

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With almost 20 years of experience in Patient Supporting Solutions & with respect to patients' needs

Patient Support

Increasing patient’s needs in therapies require a well-established network of nurses, clinics and diagnostic centers along with valid training from highly experienced professionals.

Nursing Network

A Greece-wide network of registered nurses is already there to train and support patients according to their treatment’s guidelines.

Private Clinics Network

Private clinics at any city in Greece are partners in providing their services to patients when the treatment demands complicated protocols.

Lab Spots Network

Diagnostic centers are ready to provide medical tests to patients according to the attendant physician’s schedule.

Patient Training

Boost patient’s empowerment though recourses and support services tailored to the needs of patients and their families.

Valid and personalized information provided by the attendant physician is mandatory for treatment plan understanding. Continuous training and education builds trust and makes the patient ally to the treatment’s goals. In a little while patient’s autonomy and self-management increased at high levels.

Real world evidence

A unique opportunity through PVoT to produce real data in real time, transforming patient filing into statistical valuable data, visible anytime, anyplace

Meet PVOT, our ecosystem

It’s not an App, neither a platform, it’s not a search machine, neither a digital patient file…
It’s a unique holistic health care ecosystem

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    We offer advanced personalized care solutions aiming to improve the quality of life

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